How To Always Look Fabulous!

So here is my big secret for always looking your best... PLAN AHEAD !!!

 I do this every single week. I plan out my outfits for the following week. This gives you ready-to-go outfits for every day. I don't know about you but when I wake up in the morning & try to pick out my outfit it takes me forever & it is frustrating & I usually resort to something without a lot of style or is incomplete without the right accessories. You may be like wow that is a lot of work but really it's not & it saves you the headache & time in the morning. It only takes me about 30 minutes from start to finish & I do it on Sundays.

STEP ONE: Check the weather!
 I use The Weather Channel App on my phone & it gives a ten day forecast.

STEP TWO: Pick your polish for the week!
When my nails are done, I feel put together. It's a little thing that can complete your look. I picked Essie in Bikini So Teeny. I also always use Seche Vite top coat!!! It is amazing. You NEED this top coat. I do my nails once a week & my polish lasts the whole week without chipping.

STEP THREE: Start putting together your outfits!
At this point I'm just picking out tops & dresses that go with my nail polish & fit the weather. 

STEP FOUR: Lay out your outfits!
I lay mine out on my bed where I can see the whole picture easier. I add shorts or pants to the tops. I add jackets or cardigans if needed. I also lay them out in order: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & so on. I think about what activities I will be doing on which days and adjust my outfits accordingly.
(Yup! That's Berkley in the back looking cute)

 STEP FIVE: Accessorize !
Jewelry, Shoes, Scarves, Belts, Headbands. Whatever you want to complete the look. I even start brainstorming what kind of hair & makeup I want to do for that day.

STEP SIX:  Put your outfits back in your closet in order!
I leave the accessories on the hangers (except earings.. I put those on my dresser) & hang the outfits in order (Mon, Tues, Wed....)  in my closet.  I line up my shoes in order.

That's all there is to it!!! Wasn't that easy? :) 
Now enjoy feeling fabulous every day of the week!!

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