Trend Report: Pointed Sophistication

Pointed is Back

I'm loving shoes right now that have a pointed toe! 
I think that they look really classy & fancy. Oh, and did I mention I love suede and leather? Duh.

1. Zara Ankle Strap Sandal
Classic. Simple. Black. I love the simple gold detail. Done & done!
2. Zara Basic High Heel
Classic and I love the V cut that mimics the pointed toe. The heel isn't too high so they are very wearable.
3. Forever 21 Sleek Asymmetrical D'Orsay Flats
I love the two toned fall colors! Plus the double ankle strap puts me over the edge.
4.  Forever 21 Western Studded Ballet Flats
Okay, so these are gorgeous in person. This picture doesn't do them justice.
5. Forever 21 Classic Faux Suede Flats
I love these because they will go with anything. Again, two toned... love! I love the side wave of shoe.
6. Zara Suede Court Ankle Boot 
Oh my goodness! Audrey Hepburn shoes. That is what I think when I see them. Lace up, pointy, a cross between a bootie & high heel, and RED!

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