Best Basics

Here is your Best Basics list!

1. Great Hair
2. Red Lipstick
3. High quality plain tee
4. High quality dark wash jeans
5. Basic flats with flare
6. Great fitted jacket
7. Simple necklace that goes with everything
8. Aviators
9. Structured bag
10. Neutral nail polish

I'm a believer that a great look starts with great hair. People that always seem to have great hair (think Jennifer Aniston), always seem to look chic. However you do your hair, tosseled waves or sleek and smooth... top knot or romantic updo, it must look healthy, shiny and fresh. We don't all have a team of people keeping our hair luscious like celebrities, so of course there will be bad hair days. I am just saying don't leave your hair last on your list. It makes a big difference!
Red lipstick is a classic. Looks great on everyone. It never goes out of style. You can wear it with jeans or a little black dress.
A high quality tee can go a long way. Get something that you feel great in and you will find yourself reaching for it more often than you think. I say go with a basic color.. white, grey or black. 
I am all about a bargin but sometimes it is better to pay more for higher quality. This is huge when it comes to jeans! I'm not talking about colored jeans or printed jeans. I'm talking about a nice, great fitting, dark wash pair of jeans. This basic is important to get right. You can feel the higher quality difference (mine are Hudson Jeans) and you can wear them for years and years. I've noticed that low quality jeans like Forever 21's can only be worn for a couple years until they look too worn out and cheap. Make sure you get the right kind of wash. Darker is usually best and you don't want too much wisking on them drawing attention to certain parts of your body. Also, look at the placement and the type of back pockets on your bum. Pockets that sit higher usually make your bum look lifted. 
Finding a great pair of shoes that go with everything but still have flare can be tough but the payoff is worth it. Look for studs, embellisment, cool strap placement.
I love this tweed looking jacket from H&M. It fits me perfect. A great fitted jacket can make any outfit polished.
Isn't my little arrow necklace darling? As simple pendant necklace can be worn with anything. Worn alone it is a simple detail that adds a whole lot to your look and layered it can become part of as statement. I also really love those initial or state necklaces
Aviators pretty much look great on everyone. You can find them just about anywhere. They look great on guys and girls. They look great casual or dressed up. I love them. 
If you are getting a purse consider a ladylike structured bag. I think a good structured bag will never go out of style.
Last but not least, neutral nail polish! Muted pinks, blues, browns, and greys are good basic nail polishes that can be worn with everything. 

Tee: H&M buy here
Jacket: H&M buy here
Jeans: Hudson Nico  buy here
Shoes: Rampage from TJ Maxx
Necklace: Stella Laguna Beach
Rings: Forever 21
Bag: Stella Laguna Beach 
Sunglasses: Payless
Lipstick: ELF in red
Nails: NYC in Park Ave.

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