Trend Report: Pull Over Sweaters

Top Sweater Picks

Top Sweater Picks by paige-horn featuring forever 21 tops

These are my top sweater picks! 
1. ILY Couture Classic Sweater buy here
2.  Forever 21 Waffle Knit Sweater buy here
3. H&M striped sweater buy here
4. Forever 21 Cable Knit Sweater buy here
5. H&M Embellished Sweater buy here
6.  H&M Leopard Print Sweater buy here
7. H&M Deer Sweater buy here
8.  Forever 21 Street-Chic Lovely Sweater buy here
9. ILY Couture Oh My Chic Sweater buy here

It's all about pull over sweaters this year and I can see why. They are comfy and cute! 
I think everyone needs a classic cable knit sweater but try one in a fun color. 
Waffle knits are a fun different texture. 
Stripes are always a great idea! 
You can make sweaters look more expensive by getting them in black, oxblood or another dark fall color. Leopard is a great pattern to get too. 
I also really love the sweaters with cute animals. 
The embellished or embroidered sweaters are great for the holidays. 
Look for texture, graphics, embellishment, and prints! Happy Friday!!

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