Fresh Is Best

So this is not a fashion post (I know) but I wanted to talk a little about something I am also very passionate about. HEALTHY LIVING! I truly believe that healthy living is a vital to a happy, full life. Part of having a healthy lifestyle, is eating right & exercising. Getting the nutrients you need help you function at your full capacity & help you get to where you want to go. Taylor & I try to eat as good as we can. The unfortunate thing is that sometimes eating healthy is way overpriced (then again, if you don't pay for high quality food now you will mostly likely pay later at the doctors office.. just saying..). We found a great solution for this: Abundant Harvest Organics. You basically sign up for a weekly subscription of a small (pictured above) or large box of produce. It's affordable. It's seasonal. It's local. It's fresh (from harvested to you in 48 hrs or less). It's certified organic. You can pick it up at a drop site location near you or you can get it delivered to your door.  Feel free to comment with a question & if you want more information click on the links below. Thanks for reading!

More information on AHO click HERE

If you live in the Sacramento area & want a box click HERE for home delivery & HERE to pick it up at the drop site

For full list of locations click HERE

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