Lucy Activewear

Top: Lucy Activewear Final Rep Long Sleeve buy here
Bottom: Lucy Activewear Studio Hatha Legging buy here
Shoes: Nike Free buy here
Sports Bra: VS Pink buy here
Sunglasses: Forever 21similar here

It's a new year & that means a new you! How are you doing on those New Years resolutions? Are you still working towards your goal? If you aren't, don't throw in the towel! I am a huge goal setter and I love the New Year because it gives you extra motivation to do the things you really want to do. It's like a clean slate and you can create whatever you want. For me, I always want to improve on my health- exercising enough, eating right, de-stressing effectively and laughing more.
I'm here to give you a little gym inspiration with Lucy Activewear. You can be comfortable and stylish while working out (or even every day because sporty chic is trending now!). Sometimes to complete a goal of mine, I need to invest into it. When you invest into that goal, it's easier to get it done because you are already involved in it. So when it comes to having an active lifestyle, these Lucy activewear clothes are the perfect investment to keep me motivated even though the excitement of making New Year's Resolutions has worn off.
I love this brand because it's trendy and classic and very versatile. I will definitely be wearing this Final Rep Long Sleeve top  for more than working out. I love it because it is comfortable and I love the cut of it. I also love the high quality material, it will last a long time even through all of your high intensity work outs. The Studio Hatha leggings are amazing! I mean they are fitted but not constraining because the material is so soft. You know when you take off yoga pants and it's like "wow I can finally breathe again!"? These are not like that. The material is breathable and extremely comfortable to wear all day long. It's also so easy to mix and match on their site which is amazing because it's nice to create really cute looks. 

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