Back in Black

Sweater: TOPSHOP recent buy here
Pants: TOPSHOP recent buy here in black & similar here
Booties: Franco Sarto
Jewelry: Perry Street Gemma Studs via Rocksbox
Lips: MAC in Fashion Revival (similar to Rebel)


I'm finally back to blogging after a month of life chaos. Yay!! AAAAAND I DYED MY HAIR! Clearly if you are here, then you've noticed.. ha! I honestly can't believe I actually went through with it. I am still in love with my red hair and will eventually go back but it was just time for something new. Taylor and I just moved into a new place and it feels like a brand new season of life for us so it seemed fitting to finally take the plunge that I had been pondering. Months ago, I asked Taylor what hair color I should dye my hair (he's seen me with so many different hair colors), and his response was "BLACK!". My first reaction was yuck, no way... that is way to harsh of a color. The darkest I've had my hair is a chocolate brown color. But then after giving it a little thought, I started to love the idea especially because I've never done it before. So then my birthday was in October (24!) and I finally made up my mind. The black hair was going to happen. I mean YOLO right?! At the end of the day, it's just hair and I can always change it. So I dyed my hair and I couldn't be happier!!! This is only a temporary color since I wanted to see if I liked it first, but the next time I dye it I'll go darker and closer to a true black color and hopefully get some more red out of it. Let me know if you want a post with all the deets of my new color! As always thanks for reading& thanks for holding out so long for a new post! xx

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