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I'm excited about this post because I'm teaming up with my dear friend and fellow blogger Ruthie from the Ruthie Ridley Blog. She's a fashion and lifestyle blogger and her kids and husband are freaking adorable!! We wanted to talk about the importance of building each other up, as women.

"Girls compete with one another
Women empower each other" 

Social media has let us network and connect with others on the other side of the world but it also has let comparison and competition creep in. Who has the most likes on their Instagram photos? Who has the most followers? Etc... First off, we need to stop comparing ourselves to other people. Social media is the edited version of life. People only post what they want you to see. Second, talking bad (or even thinking bad) about another person does not help you in the slightest. It just reveals your own insecurities. I just want to say that we need to stop putting each other down and instead rally around each other!! Ladies we would really be so much more productive if we encouraged and empowered each other to go after our dreams. I know, it sounds a little cheesy, but I believe it's essential.

 Ruthie has really been a person that I can go to for support in this fun blogging world. In the spirit of girl power, we've come up with a couple ways to increase blogger camaraderie.
One way would be to plan a blogger meet up with those in your local area. This way you can have a face to face interaction and meet others that love doing what you love to do. You can chat about struggles and successes and learn new things while networking.

Another way, would be to try to collaborate with local companies in your area. That's what Ruthie and I did! We linked up with local Sacramento boutique RIRE boutique. Both outfits in this post are from RIRE. We went to their super cute location on J. Street. It's that intimate boutique feel with the cool Midtown vibe. They have all sorts of different clothes for different tastes: vintagey, edgy, girly, trendy. They have things for the day-to-day and event special occasions. If you live in Sacramento, be sure to check them out!

For more ideas, click on Ruthie's blog here!

Moto Jacket: RIRE boutique
Dress: RIRE boutique
Hat: RIRE boutique
Sunglasses: RIRE boutique
Purse: H&M
Necklace: via Rocksbox
Ring: via Rocksbox
Shoes: ZARA buy here
Extensions: Laced Hair clip in #1buy here
Drink: Starbucks Decaf Carmel Machiatto ;)
Visit Ruthie's blog here for her outfit details.

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